Is UPromise A Scam?

Upromise is a system for college students, or aspiring college students, who can save money by shopping through the site and earning up to 25% back on eligible purchases. Savings accumulate in a Upromise account until they're redeemed by check or applied to student loan repayment or a college fund. It's simple, easy, and essentially free money - but is it too good to be true?

You're probably uneasy with the thought of linking your credit cards to a website you're not sure is legitimate. Upromise understands your concerns. They've gone on record with guarantees and privacy policies, and their customer support is open to anyone with questions. But maybe you want a little reassurance before you consider Upromise at all. Here are three major reasons Upromise is NOT a scam:

1: Upromise is partnered with thousands of legitimate retailers and merchandisers. The way it works, you sign up with Upromise, link your credit or loyalty rewards cards, and then shop like normal. Your savings will go back to your Upromise account without any other action on your part.

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You'll do all your shopping with familiar names like Target, Walmart, and The Home Depot, not Upromise itself. Upromise is simply the catalyst by which you save.

2: Upromise will never touch your bank account. It isn't authorized to withdraw money or even charge you for anything. Real scams try to trick you with hidden costs and misleading incitements, or they'll promise you "exclusive" deals for a one-time fee. With Upromise, membership is 100% free and there are no fees for shopping with Upromise partners.

3: Upromise works directly with Sallie Mae, a private student loan corporation. Sallie Mae is officially recognized by the Federal Family Education Loan Program and serves over 10 million customers nationwide. You can check their credentials online or by phone. Sallie Mae doesn't hide its association with Upromise and sometimes they even send out emails offering their debtors the chance to join - now that's a partnership!

In these times, it's a wise thing to cautious. Scams are everywhere and it's easy to get taken in by slick advertising and promises of big bucks. But Upromise is the real deal. They're upfront about their policies, partnered with real retailers, and backed by federally guaranteed loan programs. Be a smart consumer and check them out.