OfficeMax MaxPerks Rewards Program

Sign up for an OfficeMax Max Perks Reward Card and enjoy $25 back every time you spend $500 for your business. Simply enroll in the Business Program and use your card whenever you shop at any OfficeMax store nationwide - the tally will be automatically added to your account. Payback is redeemed at the $500 mark and reset at the beginning of each calendar year. Payback only applied to eligible purchases of business items. Earn extra points for recycling computer ink and toner cartridges as part of the OfficeMax Recycling Program.

As part of the OfficeMax Max Perks Teacher Program, you can earn a $10 reward for every $75 you spend on your classroom. Sign up for a Max Perks Teacher Program Reward Card and use it on all your eligible classroom purchases - it's free and automatically keeps track of your rewards savings on your account. Payback is redeemable for every $75 through one calendar year. Limit $100 payback per year ($750 in spending). Use your Teacher Member ID for all classroom purchases to maximize your savings. Restrictions apply.

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MaxPerks Rewards For Business Earn $25 for every $500 of qualified purchases in one year period.

MaxPerks Rewards For Teachers Earn $10 for every $75 of qualified purchases in one year period.

Sign up online, or retail location near you.

Account balances reset to $0 at end of the year.

Redeem points online or at retail locations.

Earn $3 MaxPerks rewards for each undamaged HP, Dell or Lexmark ink cartridge. $60 max anually.

Rewards must be used within one calendar year.