Costco 2% Rewards Program

Spend $50 and make up to $500 - that's the new promise from Costco's 2% Rewards Program. With a $50 membership upgrade to Costco's Executive Membership, you'll be automatically enrolled in their cashback program that awards you 2% of your annual Costco spending at the end of the year. Spend $5,000 and make $100. Spend $12,000 and make $240. Enjoy other benefits of Executive Membership as well as the cashback loyalty reward, such as payroll services and identity protection. Checks are mailed at the membership renewal period. Cashback not to exceed $500 ($25,000 annual spending).

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Credit Card Rewards Program: 
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No annual fee with paid Costco membership

APR variable rate

3% cash back for first $3000 gasoline purchases 1% after that.

3% cash back on restaurant purchases

2% cash back on travel purchases

1% cash back on everything else including Costco purchases

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2% rewards on most purchases

$500 cap for 12 months

Requires $50 dollar upgrade to executive membership

Purchases made prior to upgrade do not qualify

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